My brand new website - At last!

I was always hoping that one day i was going to make my own page, during the last years I have been making websites for others but couldnt make my very own professional website. This is not the first website, thougn, I started doing my very first website back in 98 and whilst I was studing for University of Sunderland. I took back then a module for Prof Tindle and where he asked us to create our very first visual world. I was so thrilled and I do remember I made use of all the fancy techniques of the time like Java Applets that could create a carousel of links but could bring down your whole computer as they would try to load the Java Virtual Machine. That website I loaded on Geocities a free ISP from Yahoo. A few years later Yahoo decided to bring down Geocities I was a bit sad about it. 

Back then I was using Iframes which a few years later where bad and against the W3C standards, my links where colorful like someone was going to Las Vegas. A few years later my hobbie that started from University a filled my summers became my work. The profession of Web Developer that I never though about it became my job title. 

And this is my new website with work over the last few years.

Enjoy the ride.