Aris Markogiannakis

Senior Developer · Community Leader · Visiting Lecturer

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Currently I am teaching JavaScript at City University of London. From time to time I also do private 1:1 teaching/coaching for people who want to get from a zero level to hero. My idea is to get anyone with no background in computing/programming and slowly progressed them to Frontend Developer position. Classes last for two hours and at the moment I am using Zoom and I can teach anyone around the world. I offer two courses a starter and a more advanced:

JS Starter

This is a course where we learn the basics of JS how to read/write/create/delete elements on the DOM. We learn about all the basics like arrays, variables and how to use them in real world examples. How to use functions and write good code that is within good standards. All my courses come with exercises that I give you for homework.

JS Advanced

This course is the one where you really need to have already done the Starter course and have some prior experience with JavaScript. During this course we learn more advanced topics such as:

  • Arrays, Objects, Prototyping
  • Scoping, this, Hoisting
  • Event handlers, Bubbling and Delegation
  • Async and Await, Asynchronous JavaScript
  • REST API’s
  • TDD
  • ES6, Babel Transpiler
  • Modularisation of Applications and use of Webpack
  • Introduction to React